Mission & Vision

The primary mission of the Division of HIIM is to improve health care delivery by preparing graduates to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills in the management of health informatics and information systems in the electronic age.  Our mission encompasses preparing graduates to promote and manage quality clinical documentation ensuring confidential and secure electronic exchange of health data and conducting data analytics to improve individual and population health, research, and education.

Furthermore, the mission of the Division of HIIM, in accordance with the mission of the School of Allied Health Sciences, is to provide an enlightened and enriched academic, intellectual, moral, cultural, ethical, technological, and student-centered environment for the purpose of educating individuals to become competent allied health professionals who are capable of:

  • Critical thinking
  • Comprehensive communication skills
  •  Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Analysis and involvement in research processes
  • Improving the health status of under-represented and underserved populations
  • Lifelong learning

This mission will be accomplished through the contributions of dedicated faculty and staff that are capable of meeting student needs through inspired and creative teaching, exemplary scholarship and meaningful public, community, and professional service at local, state, national, and global levels.  As a result, students will be prepared to meet existing and emerging health care needs that will benefit the citizens of Florida, the nation, and the world.



The Division of HIIM, as an exemplary health professions entity within the School of Allied Health Sciences at Florida A&M University, is a provider of the highest quality academic experience in the dynamic profession of health informatics and information management at the undergraduate level.