Health Science

The newly established Division of Health Science offers three bachelor of science degrees; serving the needs of all School of Allied Health Sciences (SOAHS) undergraduate students pursuing one of two pre-clinical tracks in: Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy (HS Pre-OT), Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy (HS Pre-PT), or the recently implemented non-clinical Health Science General (HSG) degree track. 

The Division of Health Science offers a unique approach, encompassing the multidisciplinary nature of the vast health science and human service related arena; including career pathways which are Therapeutic, Diagnostic, and Support Service oriented.  The Division’s primary mission is to provide students with the essential career and fundamental skills, along with requisite professional and academic knowledge for the health science and human service career pathways.  Students graduating with either of the three Health Science program degrees will be well equipped to assume advantageous career opportunities and also competitively advantaged for graduate school selection.