Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy (Pre-Clinical)

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The Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy undergraduate degree major is a pre-clinical track which includes all of the courses required for application for admission to graduate professional occupational therapy programs.
As described by the Division of Occupational Therapy, students pursuing graduate study would seek to become members of a health profession that promotes life-long health and well-being of individuals, groups and communities through engagement in occupation. The primary objective embodied within the concept of “occupation” is the practitioner’s use of activities meaningful to the client within their own particular environment. Hence, occupational therapy services are provided within the contexts of activities of daily living, education, work, play, leisure and social participation. Practitioners provide services to individuals to increase their daily function, enhance/support health and development and prevent disability through promotion of effective performance skills within environments and using tasks adapted to meet their individualized abilities and needs.

While recommended for students interested in majoring in Occupational Therapy at the graduate level;  
successful completion of the undergraduate Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy degree is only one criteria for entry into the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT) program. The admissions process is highly competitive and spaces are limited.  Please see MSOT program for additional criteria. 

Additionally, the Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy curriculum is designed to produce graduates capable of demonstrating those characteristics identified as desirable by employers of tomorrow’s health care professionals. Graduates may seek to work in a health care setting or to continue on to other (non-MSOT) graduate and/or professional programs. 

Health Science Pre-Occupational Therapy Curriculum


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