Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy (Pre-Clinical)

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Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy (Pre-Clinical)
The Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy undergraduate degree major is a pre-clinical track which includes all of the courses required for application for admission to graduate professional physical therapy programs.
As described by the Division of Physical Therapy, students pursuing graduate study would seek to become members of a profession involving the evaluation and treatment of individuals with movement disorders, disabilities, injuries caused by a variety of problems, such as musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiovascular disorders and aging. Physical therapists treat individuals of all ages (across the lifespan) restoring function and promoting independence.

While recommended for students interested in majoring in Physical Therapy at the graduate level;  
successful completion of the undergraduate Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy degree is only one criteria for entry into the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. The admissions process is highly competitive and spaces are limited.  Please see DPT program for additional criteria. 

Additionally, the Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy curriculum is designed to produce graduates capable of demonstrating those characteristics identified as desirable by employers of tomorrow’s health care professionals. Graduates may seek to work in a health care setting or to continue on to other (non-DPT) graduate and/or professional programs. 

Health Science Pre-Physical Therapy Curriculum


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